Catching Louisiana Summer Bluegill and Catfish – Catching Catfish on Limb Lines
Catching Louisiana Summer Bluegill and Catfish – Catching Catfish on Limb Lines
Catching Louisiana Summer Bluegill and Catfish – Catching Catfish on Limb Lines
Catching Louisiana Summer Bluegill and Catfish – Catching Catfish on Limb Lines

Fishing spawning bluegill. Bluegill on their spawning beds can make for a great day of fishing. Minnesota has lots of lakes and lots of bluegill for anglers chase. Fishing spawning bluegill is my all time favorite. The spawn is almost over, but I am able to find some late spawning fish and have myself a great day on the water. I share some tips and my opinions on the greatest of all fish, the bluegill. It’s that time of year when the Bluegills are up spawning and you have your best chance at catching a MONSTER Gill. I catch some true giants on this video and release them to fight another day!
GoPro Underwater Footage is just so fun to capture, and to do it while Catching Spawning Bluegill and Sunfish in Texas is priceless! If you enjoyed this clear water pond footage, hit that SUBSCRIBE Button to stay up to date on all my content! Thanks!
In this video, I head to legendary Richmond Mill lake to fish with the King Fisher Society. This 120 acre lake is one of the most well managed waters in the United States!

Ventured to a new pond, and wow did it have some giant bluegill! Summer gills are hard to beat!
Lee and Robbie head out with Madison Fishing Guide Brian Zubke for some trophy caliber blue gills!It’s spring and that means the giant bluegills are coming up to spawn. This is by far my favorite time of the year to fish open water. Today I was using leeches and switched to a white twister tail and worked them spring slabs over pretty good!

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Jug fishing is an unlimited class tackle method of fishing that uses lines suspended from floating jugs to catch fish in lakes or rivers

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So while some may get hung up on the extreme heat, we’re too busy getting excited for one thing this time of year: frog fishing for bass Bass fishing in ponds isn’t as easy as some might think,especially if your targeting trophy bass in a highly pressured public pond
Outdoor Sports: Fishing Tips and Techniques
Jug fishing with pool noodles DIY Fishing with the Smart Jug – I have made a bunch of these and love them
What folks are confused about are fish species and fishing methods that vary between the states (like jug fishing for channel catfish) best bait for catfish – Catfish bait chicken liver · catfish lures · catfish bait hot dog · best bait for catfish uk · catfish bait secrets · best bait for bluegill · best catfish rig · flathead catfish bait

best catfish bait challenge! catfishing baits for the best bite catfish bait options catching catfish best catfishing baits.
i’ll cover the best catfish baits for blue catfish channel catfish and flathead catfish covering the five catfish baits that i use year in and year out as a professional catfish guide and they’ve been working for me for over twenty years!
i find that many anglers don’t really understand catfish baits and they make things way too complicated looking for magic potions and secret catfish bait recipes that are the “next big thing” and the truth is there is no such thing and choosing the best catfish bait is very simple.

in this weeks video i walk you through the best catfish bait for each species of catfish creating a list of my top five best catfish baits that always catch catfish..
these are the 8 best catfish bait. if you want to catch catfish it is important to understand which catfish bait to use when to use each type of catfish bait and how to use that bait.

catching catfish at night – fishing for big catfish, catching catfish at night from a boat.
Here’s some night fishing tips to wake them up and get some bites
Prepared catfish baits like dip and punch baits can be used for blues

catching big catfish at night (ft. how to catch catfish from the bank – bank fishing for catfish. Video Steve Douglas the catfishing dude – Faceclips This video explains how to catch channel catfish
Night fishing for catfish is great but should you really be fishing for catfish at night



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